Ace trans crow, He/They, Vore Expert, Erotica Writer, NSFW Game Dev.
18+ Only!

Commission Prices

  • $7 for 100 words. (0.07 cents a word)

  • $30 for 500 words. (0.06 cents a word)

  • $40 for 1000 words. (0.04 cents a word)

  • +$15 per 1000 words for Interactive Games.

I do anonymous & private stories! Just ask!

Commission Prices
$7 for 100 words. (0.07 cents a word)
$30 for 500 words. (0.06 cents a word)
$40 for 1000 words. (0.04 cents a word)
+$15 per 1000 words for Interactive Games.

About The Rules & Navigating This Page
The first half of this post contains my Will/Won't/Maybe list for written works; the second half lays out my TOS; the last covers other info. Please read at least the first two sections before commissioning me.

For easier navigation, here are the headings and subheadings: "My Will/Won't/Maybes:", "Intro" "Will Do:", "Won't Do:", "Maybe:"; then "TastyAce's TOS::", "Intro", "1. Getting Your Commission", "2. Story Payment & Development", "3. When The Work Is Published"; and finally "Appendix: Various Other Details:", "Interactive Fiction Commissions", "Popular Things In My Gallery", and "List Of Popular Themes/Topics/Subjects".

This will all be updated as needed.

You can view my prices & see this month's commission discounts here! C:

My Will/Won't/Maybes:

This is all the things I will, won't, and might write about. Everything on the "Will Do" list is fair game, while items in the "Won't Do" list are off the table. Stuff at the "Maybe" list means I need more information before I decide whether or not I'll write it. If you have a story item that's not mentioned on this page, assume I'm ok with doing it unless I say otherwise.

If something is on my "Won't" list, please do not reach out asking if I can make an "exception". It's on that list because those are the things I do not write about, full stop. Anyone who repeatedly messages me for this reason will be added to my blacklist and blocked.

With that all out of the way, here's the list!

Will Do:
Oral, Anal, Cock, & Vacuum Vore; Unbirthing and other vore types.
Detailed Digestion
Disposal & Scat
Inflation, Deflation, Flattening, and other "cartoon fetishes"
Transformation sequences
Original Works & Fanfiction; SFW & NSFW
LGBTQ+ Characters & Relationships
G/t, Macro/micro, and Size Differences
Feet, Paws, Tentacles, & other body parts
BDSM, Dom/sub, Roleplay, Petplay
Farting, Scents, Musk
Most non-illegal things, really

Won't Do:
Incest or Pedophilia
Any characters under 18
Works that are pro-bigotry (present Nazis in a positive light, etc)
Harry Potter & other JKR works
Five Nights At Freddy's

Real people (only with the consent of the person[s])
Pregnant Prey
Rape/Sexual Assault

TastyAce's TOS:

These are my rules for writing stories for you, presented in a numbered list. By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms I have laid out here.

I look forward to working with you! <3

1. Getting Your Commission
Contact me if you want me to write a story for you, and we'll discuss details. To get in touch, send me a PM on FA or aryion; contact me on Discord at TastyAce#6678, message me on Twitter @ace_tasty, or email me at tastyacebusinessATgmail.com. If you support me on Patreon, you can also DM me there.

You must be 18 years or older to get a story from me, and be willing to provide any information I need to write the piece. I reserve the right to decline any commission request for any reason. If excessive research is required to write the work, I will charge an additional hourly fee for the pre-writing phase, and once that is done, I will move forward with the story itself.

2. Story Payment & Development
I take payment up-front through PayPal invoice, and do not offer refunds once I've started writing. I allow for 2 free rounds of minor edits before I charge for changes. Major changes will need payment before I do them; the price will be determined by the scale of the work & how big the edit needs to be.

By commissioning me, you are allowing me the right to advertise, release, & distribute the work on my TastyAce accounts (unless you ask for a private piece, which is not posted publicly). You may distribute the work freely as long as you (1) give me proper credit by citing me as the author & linking back to my account(s), and (2) do not charge money for others to view the story or use it for any commercial purposes.

I hold the rights to the work, which you may use for non-commercial means only; however, the character(s) in the work still belong to their respective owner(s). If you are interested in hiring me for a commercial project, we can discuss more details and lay out a contract if that moves forward.

Finally, you may never use any of my work for anything related to NFTs, cryptocurrency, or the blockchain, including any present or future technologies in that space.

3. When The Work Is Published
Once the story is finished, assuming it isn't a private commission, I will add it to my posting queue to be put on my accounts. Unless I am told overwise by you, the work will be put in my FurAffinity gallery, my Aryion uploads, and my Patreon page. I may also advertise it on other accounts, such as my Twitter, Discord, etc.

It may take up to a few months for your story to be publicly available on my pages. My posting queue has gotten longer since I changed my Patreon and gave more supporters story slots. Please be patient with me and understand this. If there is an urgent date (holiday, birthday, etc) that the story needs to be up by, please let me know up-front; I'll try to post it as close to this day as I can, if not on the day itself.

When the story is to be uploaded, I will make a thumbnail for the work similar to the ones on my page, unless you request a different image instead. You will be sent a link when the story is up.

Appendix: Various Other Details:

Just want to cover some other items so everything is up front, and let you know some stuff about my gallery. Hope it's informative!

Interactive Fiction Commissions
I make choose-your-own-adventure style games at https://tastyace.itch.io/ , and can make one for you as a commission. Getting that ball rolling is pretty much the same as the "1. Getting Your Commission" & "2. Story Payment & Development" sections. However, there is an additional charge on top of the word count that covers the coding work, and the development process for an interactive is a tad different. I will explain more below.

After I receive payment for the game, I will work on the story's draft. Choices and story branches will be written as requested, and necessary code for variables/triggers/etc will be included as well. Once the draft is done, I will send it to you. When it's edited to your specifications and approved (once again, your get 2 free rounds of minor edits), I will go on to the coding stage.

Before I start work on the final game, I will ask you if you have preferences for the cosmetics of the interactive (font, backgrounds, colors, etc). Those will be implemented to your specifications. Once the coding is complete, I will upload a private beta link, then send it to you to play.

Once you have approved the game, it is then complete. Unless you say otherwise, the interactive will be publicly available on my https://tastyace.itch.io/ page at a future date, and advertised on my other accounts as well.

Popular Items In My Gallery

Here are the most popular subjects in my gallery/stories. I was mainly making this list for myself, but thought it might be helpful to prospective clients as well. Thus I am sharing it here.
Of course, if you have a topic that's not on there, don't fret. <3 This is simply a look at what occurs most, and is not meant to limit your own story commission. So be sure to send your idea my way so we can discuss it further! ^u^

List Of Popular Themes/Topics/Subjects
Fanworks, mostly involving Pokémon, but also Dragonheart, Animal Crossing, MLP:FiM, Zootopia, and The Lion King
All vore types, but especially F/M or M/M Oral Vore, Vacuum Vore, M/M or F/F or F/Reader Cock Vore, and F/M or F/Reader Unbirthing. Also, Prey POVs, Digestion, and Fatal Vore occur most.
Inflation & Expansion
Foot Fetishes
Dom/sub dynamics
Macro/micro interactions
Foodee/Feedee & Stuffing
Anal or Oral Sex involving penises
Dinosaurs, mainly Tyrannosaurus Rexes
Dragons, Snakes, and other Scalies
Robots & Machines
Avians & Birds